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​Thus far, the Board of Directors of the Treasure Trove Giving Circle has awarded two grants to C-FC for the 2022-23 school year, as follows:

1. Math Stackers: Funding of $1,617 for Math Stacker foam blocks for three kindergarten and two 1st grade classes to provide a fun and interactive way to learn math skills. 

2. Tool Storage for Technology Education Department: Funding of $1423.99 to purchase rolling tool chests as part of a makeover of the tool storage room for the Welding, Metalworking and Small Engine Area.

3. Math Stackers for Special Ed: Funding of $420 for Math Stacker foam blocks for the Special Education Room.

4. Read Across America Speaker: Funding of $300 for Guest Speaker, Brian Richards, for Read Across America Week.

5. Brewers Math Day: Funding of $ 820 for the Applied Math Class to Attend Math Day at the Brewers stadium.

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