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Join the Treasure Trove Giving Circle

Like pirates seeking to enrich themselves with hidden treasures, we are seeking to enrich the Cochrane-Fountain City School District by inviting you to join your fellow community members in the Treasure Trove Giving Circle, supporting a field of interest fund at the Winona Community Foundation--the Treasure Trove Fund

The Treasure Trove Fund will provide financial support to expand upon what the district can provide through its normal funding sources. Monies raised can be used to enhance existing programs or implement new ones, to recognize outstanding staff for their contributions, to purchase equipment and, in general, to enrich the educational experience in ways above and beyond what can currently be done.  Funds contributed to the Treasure Trove Fund are held by the Winona Community Foundation and are distributed based upon input and advice from fund donors based upon guidelines developed by the the Board of Directors of the Treasure Trove Giving Circle.

What is . . .

the Why?

We love our community.

We love our schools.

We love our educators.

We love our students.

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