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Image by Tim Mossholder
What can giving circles support?
  • Classroom innovation grants to enhance student learning

  • Teacher and staff recognition

  • Professional development and training

  • Special speakers and performances

  • Equipment and supplies

  • Capital improvements, expansions, or additions


How will a giving circle benefit C-FC?
​What's a giving circle?

It’s when a group of people join together to share their resources in support of something they care about. Our shared interest is supporting the Cochrane-Fountain City School District by providing external funding that will keep our school district on a path towards excellence.

It provides a structure for what is already happening:  Our school community is known for its unwavering and generous community support.  This Pirate Pride was on full display when COVID-19 hit and community members and businesses lined up to offer support to the school so that the district could continue to provide the best educational experience possible under the circumstances for our children.  The COVID crisis highlighted the kind and caring spirit of the C-FC Community. However, it also emphasized the need for a better way to allow people to provide extra financial support for the district  in an ongoing and organized way, so those funds are available when needed. C-FC Community members have already proven that they support the school and the vital role that it plays in preparing our children to be tomorrow's leaders. The Treasure Trove Giving Circle provides a way for the community to contribute in a meaningful way and provide extra help to the school when needed.

It will make our school even better: Traditional public school financing cannot possibly fund all of the services, programs and supports that parents, children and school leaders desire. External funding, such as what can be collected through community donations, can provide funds to enhance what the district already provides or accelerate what the district is able to implement. These funds supplement, and not replace, traditional school funding. Many other area schools have school foundations or other dedicated sources of external funding, which allow them to provide extra programs, interventions or initiatives. The Treasure Trove Giving Circle will allow C-FC children and staff to take their educational experiences to new heights, making a great school even better! The question is not "why us?".  The question is "why not us?" 

Why the Winona Community Foundation?

The Winona Community Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity established with a mission to provide philanthropic services to Winona and its surrounding communities. They provide expert financial and investment management to grow and distribute funds to benefit the greater good. This allows us, as members of the Treasure Trove Giving Circle, to concentrate on making grants to our school with relatively little effort. Our funds are co-mingled with those held by the Foundation to maximize growth. The Winona Community Foundation has a thirty-three-year history of making a difference in our area.

Why not us?

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