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​The Board of Directors of the Treasure Trove Giving Circle awarded seven grants to C-FC for the 2021-22 school year, as follows:

1. Back to School Picnic Event: Funding of $1,020 for signs, decorations and prizes for the Back to School Picnic event held on August 25, 2021. The event was well-attended and kicked off the new school year in a warm and welcoming way!

2. New Teachers/Staff Swag: Funding of $750 for C-FC Pirate-themed hats, bags and cups to provide a hearty welcome to new staff and allow them to show their Pirate Pride!

3. New State Champions Sign: Funding of $1,080 to replace the weathered State Champion Cross Country sign with an update state champions sign. The sign was designed to accommodate state championship information for athletics and other school-sponsored activities.

4. Sensory Space Kit:  Funding of $331 to provide sensory items for a K-3 special education classroom to provide for the students' sensory needs so they are better able to focus, regulate their emotions and learn. Items purchased included such items as a wobble chair, sensory sand, weighted blanket and therapy putty.

5. Small Engines Training Kit: Funding of $3,870 for 10 identical, brand new engines and parts, special tools and resource manuals to cover everything from engine theory and operation to troubleshooting. The kits will enable students to receive high quality, science-based and hands on instruction which will, in turn, encourage them to explore high paying, high demand careers in the outdoor power equipment industry.

6. Voter Education and Registration: Funding of $175 to provide refreshments for a voter education and registration event for C-FC Seniors by the League of Women Voters.

7. STEM Shuttle Field Trip: Funding of $650 to partially fund a second day visit for the Dream Flight USA STEM Shuttle, which is a bus painted to look like a space shuttle in which students in grades 4-6 were able to complete STEM learning activities at space-themed learning stations.

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